About MSA Talent Agency

Established in 2000 as the first agency dedicated to representing dancers and choreographers exclusively, MSA became and remains a trendsetter in the industry.

MSA believes that amazing things happen when the right people connect. We introduce our top talent to every corner of the entertainment industry and turn our clients’ dreams into actual accomplishments. As one of the industry’s pioneers, we’ve always been ahead of the curve, leading the market with cutting-edge ideas and innovation.

As greater opportunities were offered to our clients, we grew right along with them, ever expanding our areas of representation. Our clients grew from dancers to choreographers to creative directors and even producers. We are proud to have set the trend and create a niche as the only agency in the world to represent the most acclaimed directors for large-scale entertainment as well as executive creative producers of some of the biggest television shows worldwide.


Julie McDonald

Founder | Partner

Tony Selznick

Founder | Partner


Bre Traver

Partner | Talent | NY

Greg Uliasz

Partner | Creative | NY

Brandon Sierra

Director | Talent | LA

Megan Hunt

SR Agent | Talent | LA

Matt Jackson

VP Theatrical | LA

Terecia Baker

Agent | Talent | LA

Alyssa Renard

Agent | Creative | LA

Nicole Mills

JR Agent | Talent | LA

Tina Oleff

Agent | Education | LA & NY

Bella Crotti

JR Agent | Talent | NY

Samantha Peña

JR Agent | Talent | NY

Courtni Gidish

JR Agent | Creative | LA

Jared Poulin

Assistant | Theatrical | LA

Jessica Hondel

Assistant | Talent | NY

Becca Deerwester

Assistant | Talent | LA

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