Tony Selznick

Founder | Partner

Tony Selznick

Founder | Partner

The creative spirit that orchestrates choreography is on point with the entrepreneurial drive that builds opportunity. Both skill sets are born in the imagination and begin with a blank slate. As cofounder and partner at McDonald Selznick Associates – the first and most successful talent agency in the world to focus on representing dancers, choreographers, stage directors, performance producers and dance educators – Tony Selznick transforms creative visions into tangible accomplishments.

Starting as a dancer, actor and choreographer, Selznick is focused on developing talent and entertainment properties. As a result, MSA, is the world’s pre-eminent talent agency representing this unique class of artists. With a reputation for putting the artist first and fostering an inclusive, nurturing workplace, Selznick uses his insight to choreograph ideas, opportunities and talent. 

Representing the most acclaimed kinesthetic creatives in entertainment and media, across movies, television, theater, music and live entertainment, Selznick is a driving force behind the expanding role of choreography and dance in entertainment. Renowned for his ability to spot talent, he was a judge on Superstars of Dance by top-rated reality television series producer Simon Fuller (American Idol) and served as consulting producer on Live to Dance and Step It Up and Dance.

As dance migrated from Broadway shows and Hollywood musicals into mainstream movies and television, Selznick was at the threshold ushering dancers into theatrical and choreography, choreographers into stage directing and stage directors into performance producers. 

His experiences as a dancer, actor and choreographer, which began with his big break as a dancer on film Xanadu with choreographer Gene Kelly, to a choreographer role on TV series Cop Rock by producer Steven Bochco Broadway musical format TV series to a casting director on Star Search.

As a teenager, after tagging along with his brother to dance class, Selznick quickly discovered his given knack for spatial, kinesthetic and musical intelligence. Within a short amount of time, he went from a student of the late choreographer Russell Clark, to his assistant, and ultimately, a teacher of his own packed Los Angeles dance class for over a decade.

Tony Selznick is now focused on the art of helping dancers, actors, choreographers, directors and producers step into their full potential — and for making sure the world doesn’t miss a minute of it.

Deadline article: Our next show will be on June 30th, 2022 at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood and will be directed by Kenny Ortega. Tony has one other show “Dance Studio Showdown” with partner Sam Donnelly, executive producer of America’s Got Talent. The show is represented by Fremantle and CAA.

Tony has another pride and joy – his two beautiful daughters Violet Selznick and Scarlet Selznick.

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