Famed directors Travis Payne and Stacy Walker knew a long time ago, that they held the key to brilliant creative productions in their imaginations. They have branded themselves an unbeatable pair in near perfect execution, both on screen and in live productions. Travis and Stacy have arrived and its been an amazing journey for the two since they began work in 1997 on the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s short film, GHOSTS. No doubt it was kismet from there. For years the pair choreographed and directed Britney Spears, Usher, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé & Madonna and reached their apex on Michael Jackson’s Guinness world record breaking docu-film This Is It, where Payne also served as associate Director and Producer.

The two also lent themselves to major Hollywood franchises and enviable legacy work such as ABC’s, Dancing With the Stars, The American Music Awards, Global Michael Jackson Memorial Simulcast and both Cirque Du Soleil Productions.

The creative duo’s work has not gone unnoticed. Payne has received three MTV ‘Moonman” Awards, two Emmy nominations, two MVPA Awards and two BOB FOSSE AMERICAN CHOREOGRAPHY Awards. All signifying the greatness of the minds of these individuals and the power they bring as a collective.

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