Shawnette Heard’s passion when teaching is infectious. She electrifies a room with her desire to educate. Raised in Los Angeles, Shawnette dreamed of becoming a professional dancer. Little did she know that she would become one of the most unique educators in our industry today! Her dynamic style has propelled her to teach at some of the world’s top studios. Millennium Dance Complex, TMILLY Dance Studio, Debbie Reynolds, and Osaka School of Music, where she was the international choreographer and creative director for more than a decade.

Shawnette has had and continues to have an iconic career as a dancer, choreographer, artistic director, producer, and filmmaker. The list is legendary who Shawnette has had the honor to work with, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce’, Prince, Pink, and Michael Jackson. Not only has Shawnette danced with these icons, but she was also featured with more than one. Shawnette was one of Janet Jackson’s main dancers for 3 tours. She was then asked to co-direct and create one of Janet’s award-winning tours the “All 4 U” world tour. From there Shawnette was propelled into her choreography career, she was one of the main choreographers for Janet’s All 4 U & Doesn’t Really Matter music video. She has even had her mark on choreographing for a film. Shawnette was at the helm of choreographing Beyonce’ in one of her hit films “The Fighting Temptation” Shawnette’s dance experience transcends into her teaching. Her class is more than just a dance class, it trains the dancer to perform beyond the studio. She prepares the dancer for stage and camera.

With over 2 decades of experience, and performing with legends Shawnette’s style is all her own, the power and force behind her movement is like no other and never loses relevancy. Shawnette style is a fluid street jazz blend, with touches of modern and hip-hop. Shawnette has a strong ability to pull a performance out of her dancers. It is very important to her that a dancer understands how to be clean, in control of the movement, and stand out in the crowd. In the midst of Shawnette’s busy career she takes being an educator very seriously, she believes in passing the torch! Her passion is driven by her being a young dancer with a dream, and seeing her dreams go far and beyond. Her main goal is to have her students walk away with a sense of “I CAN” and “I WILL”

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