Rachael Markarian brings her 20+ years of experience working as a Professional Dancer, Actress and Choreographer into her classrooms. She’s currently a Faculty Member on NRG Dance Project, has taught for professional programs including CLI Conservatory and LA Establishment’s Establish You, and has worked for the Canadian company Candance, as well as countless Intensives. Additionally, Rachael travels the country as a Guest Master Teacher & Choreographer, working with dancers of all ages at Studios, Universities and for Pre-Professional and Ambassador Programs.

Rachael also hosts Industry Educational Workshops & Seminars that provide dancers with the insight and tools necessary to pursue a career as a Professional Dancer, with clarity and confidence. These Workshops have been invaluable for dancers across the country, so much so that she’s also created a Mentorship & Coaching Program to support dancers on their individual path to success. Rachael’s passion for teaching comes from her desire to give back to the younger generation. Her own success came from having both a creative and entrepreneurial mindset, therefore instilling those qualities and skills in young dancers so they thrive in all aspects as a professional working artist, is what inspires her most.

Rachael has been fortunate to work in all aspects of the Entertainment Industry, from World Tours, to Film, TV, Commercials, Campaigns, Music Videos, Industrials and Live Theatre both in front and behind the camera, with some of the Industry’s most well-respected Directors, Choreographers, Producers and Creative Directors. She has toured the world dancing for Rihanna (Good Girl Gone Bad Tour), Katy Perry (California Dreams Tour, Dark Horse and Cali Girls music videos), and Chayanne (Sincero Tour). She has also danced alongside Pink, Cher, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Panic at the Disco, and Kelly Clarkson, to name a few. Rachael has had the honor of performing at 2 Super Bowl Halftime Shows with both Katy Perry & Beyonce, and performed at the Children’s Inaugural Ball during Barack Obama’s Presidency. She’s also been a Guest Performer on numerous shows including DWTS, X-Factor, American Idol, The Masked Singer, The Grammy Awards, MTV Movie & Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and the People’s Choice Awards.

Her dance Film, TV & Commercial credits include Magnum PI, Rush Hour 3, Glee, True Blood, Parks & Recreation, The Morning Show, H&H, Target, Microsoft, The Haunted Mansion, Southland Tales, Criminal Minds, Bones, Chevy, Toyota, Nike, Aflac Insurance, Behind the Candelabra, No String Attached, Mascots, Gilmore Girls Revival, How I Met Your Mother, Reebok and more.

Knowing the importance of being a hybrid artist, Rachael then parlayed those skills into her teaching and acting careers and has found equal success in both fields. She now splits her time between Atlanta and Los Angeles, two cities thriving in the Film and TV business. Rachael’s acting credits include roles in Captain America: Brave New World, Descendants: The Rise of Red, Top Gun: Maverick, Tales of the Walking Dead, All American, Sweet Magnolias, Queens, First Wives Club, The First Lady, Dr. Ken, Bandit, On A Wing And A Prayer, and The Ms. Pat Show.

Rachael’s hope is that you feel her passion for education, artistry and community in her classes. She considers it an honor to bring all that she’s built and achieved throughout her career into her classes, so that you can see what’s possible for yourself and those around you. Exploring what it means to be a dancer and how powerful that is, is what makes her classes so unique. Yes you will get fun and challenging combos, but Rachael’s real skill lies in her ability to communicate more than just steps, but rather instill tools and a mindset that you can take with you in life, no matter what path you choose. She wants you to recognize what’s unique and special about you, and bring that to surface, unapologetically…and with CONFIDENCE.

Rachael’s Jazz is athletic and stylized, with a focus on dynamics and classic lines. Her Lyrical blends the power of Jazz with the grace and beauty of Ballet. And her Heels classes (for Int/Adv & Adv. dancers) are clean and classic, with an emphasis on lines, weight shifting, intention, and the importance of dancing both Jazz & Musical Theatre comfortably in a heel. And, her Workshops & Seminars are a safe space for discussion and exploration, allowing Dancers, Parents and Teachers to gain insight and ask questions that will best support each dancer’s career goals. All of her classes are a safe space for you to play, explore and grow, with an emphasis on discipline and a strong work ethic.

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