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Will B. Bell






Will B. Bell’s unique jazz, musical theater, modern, and contemporary ballet styles has allowed him to teach at notable studios such as Steps on Broadway, Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex, Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, TMilly, AMDA, Towson University, and The Studio School. He has expanded his teachings in bigger classrooms at the convention levels such as Revel, Force Dance Tour, and Onstage America where in these styles, he pulls from the true origins of these genres. 

Professionally, Will has worked with Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Derek Hough, Emma Stone, Will Butler from Arcade Fire, has performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and more. Choreographically speaking, Will has had the opportunity to choreograph Pasadena Playhouse’s big production of “Little Shop of Horrors”. Here he had the pleasure of working with notable actors such as MJ Rodriguez, Amber Riley, and George Salazar. Will choreographed the hit music video for Son of a Bishop, “Love Left Me Lonely”. He also choreographed a commercial for Virgo Investment Group. 

Will’s class begins with elements from the jazz technique combined with Horton technique. This includes a series of roll-downs and flat backs, awakening the spine. Progressing through the warmup includes a  series of isolations, deep stretches, and a modified ballet center before doing a series of jazz across-the-floor exercises that focus heavily on foundation, correct placement, weight changes, and style.

Dance combinations fuse different styles but heavily focused on jazz technique. Music can range from musicals from the Golden age, to disco, to soulful rhythm, or Blues to even Tchaikovsky. Will fosters a sense of freedom in class that allows dancers to push their artistic and technical boundaries. 


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