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Tovaris Wilson was born and raised in Miami, FL. He attended the prestigious New Word School of the Arts, majoring in Musical Theatre and Dance. Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his professional career in dance. Early on, Tovaris knew that he eventually wanted to focus on choreography, but decided that dancing professionally first would give him the knowledge he would later need as a choreographer.

Tovaris has experienced several different genres in his career including: television, video, stage, and film. Tovaris has performed several times on the Annual Academy Awards programs and can be seen in commercials for Pepsi, Sun Microsystems, and Rubbermaid products. Tovaris has also appeared in music videos for Britney Spears, Cher, Prince, Macy Gray, Blink 182, and Will Smith; as well as the feature films Austin Powers II and III.

In early 2000, Tovaris began to get the choreography itch. He was yearning to focus on developing his own style, so he decided to make the transition to choreography full-time. Tovaris had the unique experience in early 2001 to choreograph for Janet Jackson’s opening number in Janet’s “All For You” Tour, and soon after was commissioned to choreograph for Britney Spears. Tovaris choreographed an episode of “Becoming” for MTV and co-choreographed the “Sexual Revolution” video from Macy Gray. His credits continue as he choreographed for Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce “Royal Jelly” show, as well as, co-choreographing for the 2006 Pussycat Doll Tour.

Tovaris has found another outlet for his choreography in teaching. He has taught in Japan, at New York’s Broadway Dance Center, and Miami’s New World School; his alma mater, and has been teaching for the past four years at Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles.

Currently, he is dancing for Cher at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and working with his partners at Less Is More Ent., Ltd. to produce the reality show, “Make A Move”.