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Joe Brown






JOE BROWN has educated thousands of dancers of all ages and levels, in the U.S. and abroad, in several styles of urban and cultural dance. His current work as an adjunct professor in the university setting (Hussian College in Studio LA) has garnered much praise, as he serves as an active and nurturing conduit to the professional dance universe. Joe has also taught university dance majors at AMDA, Pace University, USC Kaufman, and CalArt. Just like his dance and choreography career, he has uniquely incorporated his stepping technique into his curriculum.

Joe’s choreography credits include NBC World of Dance, America’s Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, GAP, and working with top artists Lizzo, Khalid and Beyoncé! He has also worked as a professional dancer for several years on tours, television series, commercials, live shows, and more!

Joe’s percussive approach to dance improves your sense of rhythm, musicality, and overall in-depth understanding of music! He also challenges and trains your ability to freestyle and how to seamlessly fuse different urban dance styles. Joe educates you on the rich history of these styles and their application to the commercial world, preparing you for the versatility now required for a successful, long-lasting professional career.


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