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A choreographer, dance and teacher from New York City, Jody Sperling is the Founder and Artistic Director of Time Lapse Dance ( Sperling is the world’s leading performer in the dance style created by modern dance pioneer and stagecraft innovator Loïe Fuller (1862-1928). Sperling was choreographer, creative consultant, and dance coach for the feature film “The Dancer” (Dir. Stephanie Di Giusto, 2016) inspired by Fuller’s life. The movie premiered at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is scheduled for US release in fall 2017. Sperling’s other film work includes Elizabeth Yng-Wong’s forthcoming documentary feature “Book of Changes.”

Sperling has created more than 40 works and toured nationally and internationally. In 2014, she participated in a polar science mission to the Arctic as the first-and-only choreographer-in-residence aboard a US Coast Guard icebreaker. During the expedition, she danced on the Arctic ice cap and made the short dance film “Ice Floe” (winner of a Creative Climate Award). Out of that experience, Sperling developed the program Bringing the Arctic Home, a dance-theater production transporting the icescape to the stage and incorporating climate literacy outreach.

Sperling and her dancers have performed at corporate events for such elite clients as Hermes, Aveda, T20 Champions League, Paramount Hotel, Clinique, Cox Communications, Kia Motors, among others. They have also performed, taught and been in residence at dozens of colleges and universities.

Years of working in Fuller’s genre, which involves kinesphere-expanding costumes, has influenced Sperling’s awareness of the body’s connection with the larger environment. Current projects focus on using visual-kinetic narratives to connect choreography and climate awareness.