Noel Bajandas has a style of teaching dance like no other. His unique and stylized approach has landed him opportunities to teach at some of the most prestigious professional dance studios across the country including Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Broadway Dance Center, Millennium Dance Complex, AMDA and International Dance Academy, as well as various company studios across the US and abroad. Because of Noels ability to work with all ages and levels, top dance conventions like REVEL and West Coast Dance Explosion have relied on him to train their young dancers on what it takes to become a professional in the industry.

As a professional dancer and choreographer, Noel has had the pleasure of working with Recording Artists such as Madonna, Adam Lambert, Toni Braxton and MileyCyrus to name a few. He’s appeared in many films, commercials and a number of television shows such as Dancing With The Stars, The Big Bang Theory and La La Land. Noel is also a proud performer of Cirque Du Soleil for their first ever live arena touring show DELIRIUM.

With over eighteen years teaching, choreographing, and being able to perform on every platform since the age of fourteen, Noel has been able to develop an approach to dance that is very much stylized to who he is as an artist, as well as create an environment that promotes education, growth and a good time. Some of the many dance elements on which Noel focuses on in class are House, Hip Hop, Freestyle, Street Jazz, Funk, Latin and Waacking, all with the goal of getting you to understand what it takes to truly become a masterful performer. These workshops are geared to help expand your dance vocabulary, build on individuality and versatility, as well as being able to challenge the mind and body to help develop a stronger, more disciplined dancer. Not only is he training you in the fundamentals of these disciplines, but his ultimate goal is to also help you understand what it takes to be a working professional in the dance industry. Each and every one of Noel’s students walk away with a sense of accomplishment and the determination to continue building off of their own creativity.

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SloMo (EUROVISION DANCE BREAK) - Chanel Terrero (Choreography by Noel Bajandas)
VINCINT - ROMANCE (Choreography by Noel Bajandas)
Lovin' Is Really My Game - Brainstorm (Choreography By Noel Bajandas)
Kylie Minogue - SLOW/LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY (Infinite Disco)
Rainism - RAIN (Choreography By Noel Bajandas)
All For You - Janet Jackson (Choreography By: Noel Bajandas)
PORTUGUESE LOVE - TEENA MARIE (Choreography by Noel Bajandas)

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