For over eighteen years, Michelle Vaughn-Bailey has not only worked within the commercial dance world in Los Angeles but also has been leaving an imprint in the Sports Entertainment World. She is the current Director of the WNBA Connecticut Sun Dance Team. Her resume includes performing & choreographing for artists, movies, and live shows such as Lil Uzi Vert, Nicki Minaj, Flo Rida, Becky G, J Balvin, La Banda, Latin Grammys, Oscars, and a TV series on Nickelodeon “Fresh Beat Band”. Michelle is a faculty member for the top sports entertainment convention that caters to colleges and professional sports teams across the country named Pro Action Dance. She has worked with numerous NBA and NFL teams such as Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, Miami Dolphins, and many more. Michelle is a nationally ranked choreographer for numerous high schools, collegiate, and all-star programs across the world. Awards including innovative choreography, best in show, and top 5 at USASF Worlds are a few of her accomplishments in this realm.


Michelle’s passion for dance exceeds beyond just creating and expressing herself. Her ability to travel the world and connect with different cultures gives her the joy and opportunity to be able to share her knowledge and love for dance. Teaching is something that always came natural to her growing up and to have the platform to inspire and change lives through this is something she has worked her entire career for. Her focus as an educator isn’t about how many steps taught but challenging individuals to push beyond their limits. Developing choreography is just one part of the job that Michelle takes on as an educator and creator. She aspires to develop strong minded individuals as well as confident dancers and performers. Her experience as a professional dancer and choreographer allows her to bring a level of expertise from both worlds into her work.

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