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Melena Rounis
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Melena Rounis Portfolio



Melena Rounis Showreel

Melena Rounis Videos

Project 'WAFFLE HOUSE' | Directed & Choreographed by Melena Rounis
Christmas Isn't Canceled | Melenadance
Dive | A Week Away
Great Adventure | A Week Away
Best Thing Ever | A Week Away

Melena Rounis Biography

Melena Rounis’ versatility as an artist and entertainer began with her diverse and eclectic dance training while growing up in Vancouver, Canada. She developed a love for the stage at an early age, with a fascination of observing how they made visual moments and ‘magic’ happen. From the transitions to the technical aspects she was curious about it all.


Now, with a seasoned performance career, Melena has transitioned in to the creative side of entertainment for live theater, film and television as an assistant, choreographer and associate director. Capable of working with all ages and ability levels she has given life and emotion to everything from Muppets, to cutting-edge drone technology, and elaborate world class water fountains! Her most recent body of work as a Choreographer can be seen on Netflix in 2021 in the new Musical ’A Week Away’ (@aweekawaymovie).


Other choreographic endeavors include Associate Directing and Choreographing two tours for Sesame Street Live! – ‘Let’s Party’ & ‘Make Your Magic’, Research & Development Projects for Walt Disney Imagineering, Knott’s Berry Farm Amusement Park, Universal Dance Awards, Descendants 2 performance on Dancing with The Stars, Honda, Comedy Central, Kmart, AIDS Health Foundation, ABC’s reality hit ‘The Proposal’, & Christian Louboutin.


Melena’s career has spanned over 20 years, working extensively in all aspects of entertainment as both a performer and creative. She understands the demands and needs of what is seen by and audience and what it takes to make it happen behind the scenes. Striving to push the creative boundaries and developing emotionally driven and often high-tech content, Melena values the influence of using dance to enhance storylines, demonstrate relationships, educate and, most importantly, entertain.

Melena Rounis Resume

Melena Rounis Live Stage

Sesame Street Live! ‘Make Your Magic’
Associate Director & Choreographer
Feld Entertainment Inc
Sesame Street Live! ‘Let’s Party’
Associate Director & Choreographer
Feld Entertainment Inc
Walt Disney Imagineer’s R&D Projects (ongoing)
Alan Bruun/ Stefan Hellwig, Directors
World AIDS Day Los Angeles
Associate Director & Choreographer
AIDS Health Foundation
Circus of Wonders 2017 – Knott’s Berry Farm
Jeynifer Kaz, Producer
Louboutin/ Sabyasachi - ‘Deep Sleep for Beauty’
Assistant Choreographer
Alex Magno, Choreo. | Just One Eye
Superior Springs Industrial, Las Vegas
Assistant Director
Elvira’s Danse Macabre – Knott’s Scary Farm
United Production Works
Circus of Wonders 2016 – Knott’s Berry Farm
Jeynifer Kaz, Producer
Elvira’s Asylum
United Production Works
Peepshow – Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas
Original ‘Burlesque’ Choreographer
Jerry Mitchell, Director
Broadway Bares
Jerry Mitchell, Director
Cabaret 2009 ‘Popeye’ – Cirque du Soleil
James Hadley, Director
Don Omar ‘King of Kings’ US National Tour
Choreography Mentor
Maria Torres & Paul Becker, Chor

Melena Rounis Film

Dream Moms
Dream Moms Road Productions LTD
A Week Away
Choreographer | Monarch Media/Netflix
Roman White, Director
Deck The Halls
Assistant Choreographer | Paramount Pictures
John Whitesell, Dir. | Tony G, Chor
Totally Awesome
Choreography Mentor | VH1
Neil Brennan, Director
Choreography Mentor | Brightlight
Neil LaBute Dir. | Paul Becker, Chor
Choreography Mentor | Columbia Pictures
Paul Becker, Choreographer

Melena Rounis Television

The Proposal
Assistant Choreographer | ABC
Ken Fuchs, Director
Dancing With The Stars– Descendants 2 Promo
Assistant Choreographer | ABC
Paul Becker Chor.| Kenny Ortega CD
@Midnight starring Chris Hardwick
Assistant Choreographer | Comedy Central
Chris Dupré, Choreographer
VTV Morning Breakfast
Choreographer | VTV
America’s Got Talent – ‘Pinky & The Boys!’
Choreographer | NBC
Russell Normani, Director

Melena Rounis Music Videos

JMarie ‘Never In Love’
Michael Jackson ‘Blue Gangsta’
Consulting Choreographer
Distinct Visuals, Director
Laurell ‘GiRLS!’
Choreographer | Casting
Jae Yu of 3PM, Director

Melena Rounis Corporate

Kmart Ridiculous Cash Bash
Choreography Excerpt
Natural 9 Entertainment
Honda (Internet)
Assistant Choreographer
Tim Kendall, Director

Melena Rounis Photo Gallery

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