Lonni Olson’s passion is to inspire others with her movement. Being a California native, Lonni was lucky enough to grow up very close to the industry. She began her teaching career at a young age in her home studio, Mather Dance Company and then continued to assist Shannon Mather and Blake Mcgrath through her years of training. Lonni currently assists some of the top choreographers in the industry, such as Marguerite Derricks, Krtista Miller, Travis Wall and Khasan Brailsford, giving her untouchable knowledge to succeed in the industry. Because of these things and her unique and encouraging approach to educating, she teaches at some of the top studios in the industry such as IAF, Millennium Dance Complex, Broadway Dance Center, and countless studios all over the world. Lonni has a way of connecting with students of all ages and levels. Giving her an edge when it comes to teaching.

Lonni has had many incredible opportunities in the industry thus far. She has appeared in many commercials, films, and television shows such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Affair, World of Dance, The Binge and Mobbed. She has worked as an assitant choreographer on many shows such as SYTYCD and Flirty Dancing. Lonni had the pleasure of working with Gucci on their Spring/Summer Campaign, and has danced for some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Google, Sprint, Universal Japan and Nuskin. As a professional, she has toured and worked with artists including Lindsey Stirling, Derek Hough, Cait Fairbanks and others.

Being open, willing, and ready is what you need to know going into a class with Lonni. She encourages you to not only execute the movement given to you, but to dig much deeper within. Why are you moving? How are you doing each move in particularly? Can you push even more? Coming from a very versatile and technical background, Lonni prides herself on a well versed classroom setting. Working hard isn’t all she focuses on. Lonni constantly encourages you to work on your performance, story telling, pushing your own boundaries, feeling what’s happening around you and in you, and most of all being present. Lonni’s contemporary style is very much unique to who she is. She pulls from her training of jazz, hip hop, grooves, technique, and even tap when creating. She is determined to always continue growing as an artist with you in the room. Lonni brings a unique dynamic energy to all she does and although her class is challenging, you will always leave her class feeling growth, inspired and ready for so much more.

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