Lockhart began teaching at an early age at his local dance studio in Tasmania, Australia. Growing up as a studio dancer training in all facets of dance Lockhart knows what it takes to get the best out of each student. Lockhart’s choreography style is performance-based Jazz/Funk, incorporating skills he’s learned from touring with pop artists and working in TV/Film. He’s an energetic Australian who loves dance, with his personality the driving force in all classes. I can assure you that no one leaves my class without a smile.

In 2010 Lockhart made the big step and moved to Los Angeles. Not long after moving to LA, Lockhart started working with Katy Perry and joined her on the California Dreams World Tour & The Prismatic World Tour. As well as touring with Katy, he also worked on The Super Bowl Halftime Show, Presidential campaign shows, two feature films, and multiple award shows worldwide. Lockhart also joined Taylor Swift on her ‘RED’ tour throughout the United States, Britney Spears on her “Domination” Vegas residency show, and Jennifer Lopez on her ‘It’s My Party’ Tour. Lockhart has not only limited himself to working with significant pop stars but also joined the Broadway cast of Wicked. Over the past ten years, Lockhart has been featured in multiple TV shows such as Glee with Kate Hudson, True Blood, Hit The Floor, AJ & The Queen, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Lucifer, and Magic Mike.

Lockhart’s primary focus as an educator is performance and engagement with your audience. Understanding these skills will help you grow as an entertainer and provide the necessary tools to step into any professional environment.

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The Ultimate Britney Mix | Lockhart Brownlie Choreography
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Lockhart Senior Choreography | Jumpin' Jumpin'

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