With a passion for ballet deeply ingrained since her early years at the Giacobbe Academy of Dance in New Orleans,
Lisa has dedicated decades to honing her craft and sharing the beauty of ballet with aspiring dancers. Her journey in
teaching commenced in 1980 at the Giacobbe Academy and has since traversed prestigious institutions, leaving an
indelible mark on the dance world.

Lisa’s teaching journey includes significant roles at renowned establishments such as the Joffrey Ballet School in
NYC, Stanley Holden Dance Center in Los Angeles, and the Conjunctive Points Dance Center, where she
seamlessly took the reins from Stanley Holden upon his retirement. Her commitment to nurturing the next
generation of dancers has been a constant, evident in her impactful stints at Dance Arts Academy, Murrieta Dance
Project, Dana Foglia Dance Programs, and her ongoing role with Tmilly Studios and Movement Lifestyle.
In addition to these notable contributions, Lisa is the founder and teacher of “Commercial Heels Ballet,” an
innovative class designed to elevate dancers with a working knowledge of ballet. This unique class not only
enhances the artistry of dancing in heels but also aims to increase career longevity. Through Commercial Heels
Ballet, Lisa imparts her wisdom, enabling dancers to seamlessly transition between classical and commercial styles,
further expanding the horizons of their artistic expression.

Lisa’s journey in the professional realm is a testament to her artistry and versatility. Having commenced her
professional career at the age of 16 with The Jackson Ballet, she later joined the prestigious Delta Festival Ballet,
gracing principal roles in iconic ballets such as “La Fille Mal Gardee,” “Don Quixote,” and “Swan Lake.” Her
artistic pursuits led her to New York City, where she danced for Michael Kraus and collaborated with New
Choreographers on Pointe.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Lisa’s talent transcended the stage, as she portrayed Snow White in Disney’s
Symphonic Fantasy national tour and captivated audiences as Anybodys in “West Side Story” at the Sacramento
Light Opera. Her magnetic presence extended to the realms of film and television, showcasing her multifaceted

Step into Lisa’s class, where ballet becomes a transformative journey for dancers of all backgrounds and
experiences. Lisa invites you into a space where the joy of movement transcends boundaries, and the art of ballet
becomes a universal language. Her teaching style is a fusion of technical precision and inclusivity, creating an
environment where you, as a dancer, no matter your background, not only feel welcomed but truly celebrated.
In Lisa’s class, the traditional meets the contemporary, and the result is a unique dance experience that goes beyond
the confines of classical ballet. As a testament to her commitment to the longevity of her students’ careers, Lisa
imparts more than just steps – she shares a philosophy. “My goal for you in class is to have the longest career you
can possibly have. I’m not here to create ballerinas; that’s not my job. I want you to be as strong and dance as long as
you possibly can.”

Drawing from her extensive knowledge of and years of cross-training with Gyrotonic, a method promoting strength,
balance, flexibility, and efficiency of movement, Lisa seamlessly incorporates these principles into her teaching. As
someone deeply knowledgeable about dance kinesiology, she demystifies the complexities of movement, making it
applicable and accessible to dancers at all levels.

Lisa’s approach removes the elitism often associated with ballet, fostering an environment where you feel included.
She works with individuals of varying mobility and ability levels, understanding that the beauty of dance lies in its
ability to inspire and uplift all who are passionate about movement

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