Leslie Scott is a choreographer, teacher and tireless dance advocate with a career spanning 31 years. Leslie taught for over a decade as faculty at The Edge Performing Arts Center and Millennium Dance Complex as well as in 22 countries and 48 states in the USA. She was adjunct faculty in the dance departments of Loyola Marymount University and Phoenix College, Founder of Arizona State University’s Hip-Hop Coalition dance company and acted as a Creating Opportunities® dance industry coach in Hollywood for 5 years. Leslie is represented by the number one dance agency in America, McDonald/ Selznick Associates (MSA). She also created the nonprofit EDIFY Movement® and Founded Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD)® in 2012 and dedicated her life to YPAD for a decade. Leslie was the lead developer who, alongside advocates, clinicians, psychologists, and doctors she invited to YPAD, created the worlds first-of-its-kind dance-specific, survivor-centered Certification, Adjudicator Training, and Spirit Swag self-esteem seminars, all addressing emotional, physical, and sexual wellness and safety in dance. For this reason, among others, she is widely recognized for her advocacy surrounding abuse awareness and prevention. Leslie has been featured in Dance Magazine,The Hollywood Reporter, Nylon Magazine, Dance Spirit, Dance Informa, and more, and has been invited as guest faculty at Dance Teacher Web, Dance Teacher Life Conference, The Pulse, Toronto Dance Teacher Expo and more. Although Leslie is no longer affiliated with YPAD, she is excited to continue her dance advocacy alongside the doctors and clinicians that developed YPAD with her and to return to their nonprofit roots. 


Leslie led a successful career in Hollywood before she became an advocate to create safer dance experiences. She worked with Beyonce, Ciara, Hi-Hat, Jermaine Jackson, P-Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Fatima, and among others. She danced on the skeleton crew for Tina Turner’s tour under the direction of Toni Basil, and performed for Ricky Martin under the direction of Chonique Sneed and Lissette Bustamante. Leslie was a featured choreographer at The Carnival’s Choreographer’s Ball 22 times and choreographer for two seasons of the webseries ‘Wallbreakers’.


Leslie is well known for her talents, unwavering work ethic, inspiring public speaking, contagious positive energy, and bold use of movement to share with you a positive message. All of Leslie’s classes utilize music from both well-known and lesser-known artists, always choosing music that offers your brain and psyche empowering messages. She teaches the movement class Holistic Hip-Hop: Move and Groove (H3MG)® which fuses dance party movement, hip-hop fundamentals, and Leslie’s own commercial choreography library to create an accessible and edifying dance experience for you. Her customized seminars for the Movement Arts support parents, educators, and dancers to edify movement and create safe and healthy for your mind, body, and soul.

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