Lacey Schwimmer is most known for her success as a finalist on Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance (season 3) and as a pro on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars (six consecutive seasons). She has also choreographed and performed for Grammy award-winning artists to Hollywood blockbusters not to mention her awards for her choreography in both commercial and competition worlds.

Lacey has been teaching since the age of 13. Her parents (well-known educators and choreographers) trained her to teach in their home studio starting with the 3-year-old class. From there, Lacey quickly developed a unique teaching style that ended up helping her teach non-dancers on dancing with the stars.

Since then, she has taught all over the world from nondancers to professionals. She is on NRG Dance Project, a full-time convention year-round. And has recently started her own convention dedicated to only BALLROOM dancing called, “Lacey’s Ballroom Project”. Whether you are a ballroom dancer or a commercial dancer or a ballerina Lacey caters this event to educate all.

Teaching has always been a passion for her, so if she can make one person love themselves through dance, her job is complete.


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