Jimmy, originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, began his choreography and teaching journey with competitive dance companies, collegiate teams, and sports team entertainment in the Midwest. Seeking to further his training and experience, he ventured to Los Angeles where he immersed himself as both a dancer and educator. Through showcasing his personal work within the LA community, Jimmy gained recognition and secured opportunities to share his expertise at renowned studios in California and even internationally.With a passion for nurturing talent across the globe, Jimmy traveled extensively, training dancers of all ages and levels. Along his journeys, he found himself intertwined with the vibrant dance community in Chicago, collaborating with concert dance companies, competitive studios, and providing invaluable training at Visceral Dance Center, Chicago’s most renowned studio. Eventually, Jimmy made his way back to Los Angeles, where he currently holds positions as faculty at Movement Lifestyle and faculty at AMDA LA Performing Arts College. For several years, he has been instrumental in teaching Hip Hop fundamentals and choreography, while also preparing students for the commercial industry and dance theatre. Through his rich background, diverse experiences, and steadfast commitment to his craft, Jimmy has established himself as a highly esteemed choreographer, educator, and mentor.

Jimmy has worked as a professional dancer for artists such as Trevor Jackson, JoJo, Young Thug, and many others. He has also been a guest artist and choreographer for professional concert dance companies, showcasing his talents in both the commercial and concert dance worlds.

Jimmy draws inspiration from a diverse range of styles, including street dance, hip hop, and jazz funk, among others. In his classes, he prioritizes precision, awareness, and raw elements, while also sharing his knowledge and appreciation for history. He believes that learning dance doesn’t have to be limited to traditional methods and, therefore, creates fun and unique experiences for students in his classes. Additionally, he encourages dancers to explore different approaches to learning and find what works best for them.

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