Hero Thomas is a rising talent originally from Virginia who has made his start in Salt Lake City Utah. He has not only captivated audiences with his innovative choreography but is also inspiring the next generation of dancers both as a dancer and instructor. With a fresh approach and boundless creativity, Hero brings a unique blend of styles to his work. With over 10 years of teaching, directing, and choreographing experience, his knowledge has lead him to become a current instructor at one of the world’s most famous dance studio’s, Millennium Dance Complex Los Angeles.

Hero has taught in over 50 studios and companies alone in the state of Utah including the prestigious Ballet West, and nationally in NYC (Brickhouse), DC/Vegas (CultureShock), and Portland (Dance Exchange).His expertise has also opened doors for him to teach on an international level in countries such as Germany (Millennium Dance Complex), and multiple cities across China and Hong Kong. Hero’s passion to share his craft paved the way for him to become the Director of HipHop at Utah Valley University, and the Director of their collegiate crew, Mos.I. A.ic. All of these endeavors has inspired Hero to establish his own multifaceted creative consulting firm, Creative Hero Company, that strives to push the collaboration of the community within the industry with all forms of art.

Choreography credits include NBA Utah Jazz, David Archuleta, Rhea Raj, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney, World of Dance, Spotify, ABC, Warner Music, Kia Voyager Commercial, and DoTerra. Performance Credits include BTS Permission to Dance LA, Yves Saint Laurent, Hulu, EMAs MTV, Travis Japan, NBA, HighSchool Musical the Series, Selena Gomez, Derek Huff, GhostHounds, and Asher Angel. Other performance credits include skeleton crew under the direction of TheLab for BTS music video “ON”, BTS “Map of the Soul” Virtual Concert, Treasure Kpop, and Michael Jackson/ Kenny Ortega tribute (under the direction of Travis Payne).

As an instructor, Hero shares their passion and expertise with students of all levels, creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment where dancers can grow and push themselves authentically. Whether it is in a studio space or real world setting, he wants to provide a sustainable and quality knowledge to help dancers grow within the industry. Hero empowers his students and peers to explore their own artistic voices and express themselves fully through multiverse movement in artistry.

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