FaceOff, born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, and currently residing in Los Angeles, California is a performance artist and educator to vessels across the globe. Playground LA, EightyEight Studios and TheRoom are just a few of the reputable and distinguished locations that are home to FaceOff’s classes. He has exchanged energy in many studios across the world including places like London, Sydney & Brisbane Australia as well as Finland. FaceOff is a walking manifestation with the work ethic to match. He is fully living his purpose of movement education and industry work with continued and limitless aspirations to provide safe learning spaces for more movers across the US and other countries.

While the studio is home to FaceOff and a space for contributing to growth, the stage is where he fell in love with connection and self expression. Following his career path has provided FaceOff with countless opportunities for stage performance as well as film work. He has had the privilege to work with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mario, Joyner Lucas, Trevor Jackson, Joyce Rice and more. He has done major stage performances like Day N’ Vegas, the Super Bowl and the highest grossing hip-hop tour of all time ‘The Big Steppers Tour’ with Kendrick Lamar.

FaceOff’s style is unique. His class is hip-hop based with a focus on intricate choreography, balanced between foot work and stylized movement. Class isn’t just about the movement though. His purpose, while primarily presented through the classroom exchange, is so much bigger than just dance.

He loves to remind rooms to set intention, find clarity in goals and understand individual purpose. To remember why we started dancing in the first place, prior to instant gratification through social platforms. One of his favorite things to emphasize – “It’s just dance. It’s not that deep. If we mess up a combo in class, or if we get cut from an audition, we get to try again!” We never fail until we give up.

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