Indianapolis native, Devin Solomon, is a performer and educator currently residing in Los Angeles whose experience and work ethic surpasses his number of years in the industry. This has resulted in him being one of the most respected educators in the Los Angeles dance scene. Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studio, Movement Lifestyle, and KreativMndz Dance Academy are all current homes in LA to Devin’s classes and he has traveled all over the globe spreading his knowledge and passion as an educator.

Devin is no stranger to the stage. He has worked with artists including Missy Elliott, Kendrick Lamar, Tinashe, and DaniLeigh, just to name a few. Most recently he worked as a choreographer for Trevor Jackson on his most recent music videos and performances.

Powerful movements and cleanliness in details are a few ways to describe Devin’s style. He challenges you to use your full body when executing movements while keeping the soul and feeling within the dance. Devin’s style has a Hip Hop base fused with commercial and experimental styles creating a strong foundation within the choreography. Devin’s main goal is to help lift your spirits and confidence within your struggles in and outside of the class environment. In his eyes, being an instructor and a leader is a responsibility, and being able to help, inspire and motivate you is what he loves.

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