It has been about 5 years since Bo Park followed her teaching journey. She has been blessed enough to travel around the world to share her love for dance teaching workshops in Italy, Argentina, Sweden, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand and the USA. Currently, she teaches regularly at three major dance studios; Broadway Dance Center, Peridance, Brickhouse NYC in New York City.

Park also has had amazing opportunities as a performer to work with incredible choreographers such as Brian Friedman, Kyle Hanagami, Luam, Keone and Mari, Phil Wright, and many more for 2019 VMA, Trailblazer Awards, Nike NTC Tour, Moncler FW, Vogue, Off-broadway Shows and more. Some choreography credits include assistant choreography for KPOP Broadway, event choreography for Virgin Voyage, choreography for an off-broadway show called Slumber, choreography for Dance Central VR and more. Park also started her dance company SHINSA two years ago to help students who deserve to have confidence and to be seen more by people. With the talented young dancers, together, she created and directed complete sold out shows in New York City in 2018 and 2019.

Bo has only one rule for her class. Communication between you and her. She truly believes that getting to know you and helping you find who you are through dance is the most important part of her job. By expressing who you truly are, you can create your own voice and communicate with anyone who watches you. “Be strong enough to be vulnerable”. She also wants to make sure you and everyone can embrace the process of growing. Her class is very organized, but it offers lots of freedom and will always be a safe place to learn and grow.

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