Bayli (Baker) Thompson was born into the dance and entertainment industry. With an Emmy-award-winning choreographer for a mom, she grew up mentored by some of the biggest choreographers and directors in the world. Dancing professionally by 12-years-old, and choreographing professionally by 14, Bayli’s knowledge base is wide-reaching. Assisting and being mentored by directors/choreographers Kenny Ortega, Vincent Paterson, Liz Imperio, Bonnie Story and Chucky Klapow early in her career, Bayli learned how not just to teach moves, but to connect, impact, and draw the best out in artists. While gaining professional industry experience, Bayli always continued her education. She is a Certified Pilates Instructor and a Certified Health & Life Coach. She has always been passionate about the development of dancers as whole, unique individuals and not just as performers. She wants artists to understand how all the time, passion, and love they are pouring into dance isn’t just making better dancers, but better people. Bayli has a program —“Shifting Pointe”— that inspires dancers to think differently about their approach to life and dance by strategically bringing understanding that dance does not define them as individuals, but pours a foundation for the person they are becoming.

Bayli has been blessed with a flourishing career as a dancer and choreographer. At 12-years-old, Bayli became the youngest principal dancer in Disney’s “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2”, and was a cheerleader, principal dancer, and assistant choreographer for Disney’s feature film “High School Musical 3”. She has since gone on to choreograph for the Disney Channel and has worked on countless films for Disney, MTV, Hallmark, and David Lynch Films. She has choreographed and danced in commercials for BMW, Nuskin, Vivint, Courtyard Marriott Hotels, Columbus Zoo, Twisty Girls, Infocus Projections, Columbia Outerwear, Zions Bank, Foundation For a Better Life, Sophos, Plugfones, and more. Outside of the film and TV world, Bayli has had the opportunity to work with Hans Zimmer, dance on world tours, and be on the creative teams for live shows in theme parks, industrials, and the half time shows for the Sugar Bowl, Liberty Bowl, Holiday Bowl, and Orange Bowl. These wide variety of experiences have given her the opportunity to educate and inspire thousands of young dancers worldwide.

Bayli has had the blessing of a full and long career, but her number one passion has always been to teach and inspire. Growing up on film and tv sets, it’s never just about steps for Bayli, but the story that is being told. While she loves herself some musicality and beautiful movement, she wants you to not just walk away with new moves, but with a better sense of yourself. To be inspired and motivated to be the best version of you. To be one step closer to the person and artist you were meant to be. So many dancers spend their time trying to be and dance like someone else — Bayli wants to guide you in understanding that YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THAT WILL EVER BE YOU — so don’t waste that. With her depth of knowledge and wealth of experience, Bayli will encourage you to look at dance as not just your passion, but the TOOL that it can be in bettering your life. Bayli is the perfect combination of fun, dynamic, positive, and passionate, and you will walk away from her class feeling uplifted and empowered to be authentically you.

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