Aaron Adam is the creative director & mentor of the Hollywood Connection Teen Company, a pre professional dance mentorship that runs through Hollywood Connection Dance Convention. The program was designed to help dancers from across the country find their edge and dance with authenticity, passion, and versatility as well as help navigate their individual paths into a professional dance career. Alumni from this program have gone on to tour and perform with artists such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Karol G, Becky G, JoJo Siwa, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, as well as dance in commercials and live shows for brands such as Billboard Music Awards, DOLBY, SAMSUNG, Masked Singer, Latin Grammy’s and numerous professional sports teams. Aaron has been teaching Jazz & Contemporary worldwide for nearly 10 years now and travels as faculty on Hollywood Connection Dance Convention.

For nearly a decade, Aaron has been working as a dancer, choreographer, and assistant choreographer in Los Angeles. Some of his work includes television shows such as SYTYCD, World of Dance, American Horror Story, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Dancing with The Stars, and commercials for companies such as DOLBY, SAMSUNG, SOCAL Gas, Real California Dairy, HILTON, EXPEDIA, NUSKIN, and many more.

Aaron’s Adam’s class in an opportunity to experiment with movement while exploring one’s artistry, expanding the body, and diving deeper into understanding music. Class participants will be challenged mentally and physically and encouraged to move from their heart while trusting their intuition. Class with Aaron focuses on utilizing technique while taking risks in both dynamics and performance quality. Each class begins with an in-depth warm-up focusing on core strength and balance followed by some improvisational exercises and then onto across the floor phrases. While teaching, Aaron loves to incorporate individualized notes to his students to they feel acknowledged and seen. After leaving class, Aaron hopes his students find themselves sweaty, inspired, and eager for more! Aaron loves to create a safe space within class for all dancers to expand their knowledge of artistry in a fun, motivating and challenging manner.

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