Meet Jazz-Inspired, Street and Hip Hop Fusion Choreographer Codie Wiggins

Eric Schwartzman

Aug 22, 2022

With his signature jazz-inspired, street and hip hop fusion style of dance – and a little tap inspiration and Southern flavor for good measure – choreographer Codie Wiggins has led and contributed dance steps on concert tours, music videos, movies and television shows for top grossing musical recording artists, motion pictures, and top rated television shows. Brought up in a military town in the south, his choreography is super controlled, organized and clean, but with club moves and Tik Tok grooves to keep it spicy. 

Wiggins’ hip hop choreography can be seen in the porcelain doll dance number in Jason Derulo’s Cheyenne music video, the popular South Korean electronic dance music boy band MONSTA X (아름다워) Beautiful music video, and the YK Osoiris Ride music video featuring Kehlani.

His achievements as a choreographer include staging for the Usher Looking for Myself album, steps for Luther Brown in the Faith Evans number of the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour, and the 2019 Austin Mahone tour in Japan. His accomplishments as a commercial choreographer include spots for Old Navy and Wienerschnitzel, and industrials for LensCrafters and others. 

He was a choreographer and appeared as a dancer in the movie Pitch Perfect ($155M worldwide), the sequel Pitch Perfect 2 ($288M worldwide), and Alvin and the Chipmunks ($217M), the latter of which combined live action dance routines with animation. He was also a member of the choreography team that painstakingly researched and recreated the soulful, funk inspired locking, popping, whacking, voguing and jazz-funk choreography in the James Brown biopic Get On Up ($33M worldwide).

In addition to his motion picture choreography credits, Wiggins is Las Vegas residency choreographer for the Backstreet Boys at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, one of the television choreographers for the hit American dance competition series Dancing with the Stars, award show choreographer of the P. Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly and French Montana collaboration at the annual BET Hip Hop Awards, and video game choreographer on Dance Central 3, the top selling game from Kinect where players earn points by mimicking steps animated characters perform on screen.

His choreography uses clean lines, attention-grabbing formation shapes and changes, light-as-air, intricate footwork and a powerful yet dynamic presence, laced sparingly with iconic jazz moves. Hyper aware of social media dance trends, he is known for infusing the latest steps into his choreography.

Georgia born, North Carolina raised and Atlanta bred, Codie Wiggins grew up an elite junior point guard playing AAU boys basketball, the son of a minor league shortstop who inspired his love of music and ambition. In high school, his participation in competitive dance battles on the club circuit led to gas money and ultimately, entry into the Atlanta entertainment scene. At the age of 18, he snuck into an audition and booked a slot as a dancer on Stomp the Yard, almost by accident. He also appears as a dancer in the film You Got Served.

Wiggins has trained with and assisted an exclusive group of the most best hip hop choreographers in the business including Jamaica Craft, Aakomon Jones, Chuck Maldonado and Fatima Robinson, among others.

Codie is represented by MSA talent agency and a member of SAG-AFTRA. This biography features select collaborations, achievements and career highlights. For a complete list of credits, please see Codie Wiggins resume.

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