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Nicky Andersen




Nicky Andersen is a highly acknowledged choreographer and dancer from Copenhagen, who now lives in Los Angeles. Due to his rising in Copenhagen his style of choreography is truly original. He has a high value when it comes to a creative vision and body movements, which has led to the succes of his career. A few of his highlights are Aladdin (Disney Movie), Dance Dance Dance (Television show), DanceSing (Television Show), The Danish Royal Theatre, Eurovision Song Contest (The worlds largest song contest), Many times winner of UDO as a soloist but also as a choreographer.


In 2017 Nicky was discovered by the world famous choreographer, Jamal Sims, to be the assistant choreographer on the movie “Aladdin – Disney”. Due to Nicky’s talent as a choreographer he was hired full time on the production, after Guy Ritchie & Jamal Sims experienced Nicky’s creative vision and work. This meant that he helped choreograph these numbers: “Prince Ali”, “Friend Like Me”, “Speechless”, “One Jump”, “Magic Carpet Ride,  “The Final Dance Scene” & much more. Since his work on Aladdin Nicky was asked to Choreograph the full season of “Dance Dance Dance”, which is one of the most acknowledged television programs. A few months later he was asked to choreograph a new television show “DanceSing”, which happened to be one of the most viewed programs in Holland.

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