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Born and raised in San Diego, Kevin Frey developed a passion for sharing his knowledge of dance to others and found true fulfillment in discovering and fostering the next generation of performers. Since the age of 15, Kevin has has developed his unique teaching style, working with all levels of dancers. Under the mentorship of master instructors such as Tessandra Chavez and Erik Saradpon, he expanded on his skills on how to truly educate and inspire a dancer.

As his skills developed, Kevin Frey has had the chance to work all over the world while currently residing in Los Angeles. Kevin has had the unique opportunity to work in many facets of the entertainment industry from dancer, choreographer, to educator. As a dancer Kevin has worked with artists such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Bebe Rexha, and many others. In addition Kevin has had the opportunity to choreograph on television shows and movies such as So You Think You Can Dance (Assistant Choreographer), Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (Assistant Supervising Choreographer), Dancing with the Stars China, Fama A Bailar, and the film Heartbeats (Assistant Choreographer) directed by Duane Adler. As an educator Kevin currently teaches on the influential dance convention, The Dance Xperience. It is here where Kevin not only gets to train students from all over the country, but also directs the highly regarded Protege Program where the most talented dancers are hand picked from all over the country to commit to an entire year of intense and fulfilling training where they leave ready to begin a thriving career in the entertainment industry.

Vulnerability, versatility, and passion are just a few elements that will be asked of you while in Kevin’s classes. He uses his knowledge of various dance styles to bring the music and the message to life in hopes of inspiring you to think outside of your own limits. Above all Kevin wants you to feel free in his class, he is a believer in creating an environment that is safe and free of judgement so that you can explore your artistry and hone in on what makes you an individual. Of course Kevin is also extremely passionate in everything he does so expect to be pushed physically and mentally. Kevin believes that as an educator, it is beyond just teaching dance steps or technique, he hopes to use his platform as a vessel to inspire you to live fearlessly and make all your dreams a reality.


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