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Keaton Kermode comes to us from Fairland, Indiana. Growing up as a competition kid at Style Dance Academy, Keaton has been dancing for 19 years now and is ready to make an impact on the industry! He is currently based in Los Angeles, California to pursue a professional dancing career in commercial dance. Keaton is the Season 17 Runner Up for So You Think You Can Dance, and has worked with some of the most renowned choreographers in the industry. He has also toured as an assistant with Dancemakers Inc., and has been a Refresh Squad Member for three years. Keaton began teaching at the age of 14 at his home studio in Indiana, and began to guest teach at studios by the age of 17. Now he has been teaching classes locally in Los Angeles for 2 years.


Keaton’s true passion is giving back to his community; meaning not only dancers, but every person that has made an impact on his life. Taking what he has learned in his career thus far and share that knowledge with the next generation. Growing up, Keaton yearned for classes where the teachers made him feel seen and cared for. That is one of his top priorities during every one of his classes. He uses every second in class to demonstrate and teach life lessons, to not only make great dancers, but great humans.


Dance has helped him through various obstacles and has taught him how to celebrate the gift of dance/life. He wants everyone to understand how much of a community we can create in a dance studio. Every student should feel free to express AND push themselves.


During classes Keaton loves to focus on the origin of our movement. He wants them to think about where their energy is coming from and why it’s coning from there. Keaton encourages to make up a narrative for every routine or combination to help this become habit. Making all of your movement powerful and purposeful. He is always pushing you to try new ways to move; here are the steps but how can your body absorb what I’m giving you and make it your own?


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