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As the boundary of theatrical entertainment extends further in the use of new technology and human endeavor, the demand for the specialty of acrobatic performance design is increasing. The recent upsurge in celebrity artists requesting Cirque-like style performances in their live shows means knowledge in this field can be invaluable during the design phase of a production. Contributing ideas on show content, equipment design and acrobatic choreography, an Acrobatic Performance Designer plays a key role in bridging the gap between both the creative and technical aspects of physical performance.

John Brady is one of the acrobatics elite. There are a select few who can boast the complete package on their resume. Brady has gone from a sportsman who competed internationally for his country in gymnastics, to performing in Cirque du Soleil’s acclaimed shows, to being part of the creative team as Acrobatic Performance Designer for the world’s most expensive resident productions. Renowned companies including Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone Entertainment regularly call on John to create something fresh, innovative, and thrilling for their new shows.


Splendor - Dragone
Human Pereformance Director
Dir: Amy Tinkham
Acrobatic Director
Dir: Brian Burke
Die Helene Fischer Show - 2018
Act Choreographer and Director
Cirque Du Soleil Helene Fischer Tour - 2017
Acrobatic Performance Designer
Dir: Mukhtar Omar Sharif
The Dai Show - Dragone
Head of Acrobatics
Dir: Franco Dragone
The Han Show -Dragone
Human Performance Director
Dir: Fracois Girard & Franco Dragone
Story of A Fort, Legacy of a Nation - Dragone
Acrobatic Performance Designer
Dir: Franco Dragone
The House of Dancing Water CCO - Dragone
Head of Acrobatics
Dir: Franco Dragone
Celebrity Cruises Guest Act
Guest Entertainer
Award Shows
2018 Latin Billboard Awards - Jennifer Lopez
Acrobatic Choreographer
Dir: NappyTabs
Kung Fu Panda
Acrobatic Choreographer
Dir. Susan Stroman - Broadway Asia
Best of Las Vegas Awards 2019 Winner - Celestia
Best Acrobatic Show
Best of Las Vegas Awards 2019 Runner Up - Celestia
Best New Show