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Chantal Robson is a Creative Director, Choreographer, Producer, Educator, Movement Coach and Visionary who has worked with some of the top global talents including Justin Bieber, One Direction, N’sync, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Usher, Madonna, and more. While her innovative style and versatility have propelled her to become a unique, “must have” voice across the entertainment industry, she embraces her role as an educator to the next generation of dancers and artists.

From awards shows (Grammy’s, Billboard’s, VMA’s, Kid’s Choice, etc) to a multitude of music videos, to her current work on high-profile commercials (Sony, Kraft, Hasbro) and premium television mainstays such as “World of Dance” (NBC) “Americas Got Talent” (NBC), “American Idol” (FOX), “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC), to one-hour scripted dramas such as “Animal Kingdom” (TNT), Chantal has worked tirelessly to communicate her vision through dance.

And yet her true passion lies in bringing her expertise to people of all ages while teaching Master Classes around the world, from Australia to Canada to India, and throughout the U.S. Her goal is to make you feel confident and powerful as you step onto the stage, and she loves to remind you to have fun and to be in the moment. In addition, she shares her understanding of how to navigate the business side of dance and choreography- a vital tool for any aspiring professional. Chantal is excited to continue her work as an educator in an industry she has worked in for more than thirty years.